The Business:

Covance is a contract research organisation based in New Jersey. The business’s focus lies in research and drug development, helping to bring 49 of the top 50 best-selling drugs to the market. Covance was previously less than satisfied with their job advertisement process, and it was in need of improvement so they turned to Hiring Wizard to help develop and deliver significant enhancements.

Our Solution:

We started by analysing their current job advertisements and suggesting improvements. These improvements optimised the copy of Covance’s job ad, ensuring that it created appeal for the role and that it was aimed towards the best, most relevant applicants.

We employed our no-nonsense, hassle-free approach to provide Covance with the most streamlined process possible. We analysed the new job advertisement and re-evaluated the job boards it was posted on. This ensured Covance’s advertisements were only posted in the best and most relevant places, ensuring they received the highest quality and quantity of applicants.

Our friendly, consulting approach allowed us to really understand Covance’s needs and the results they required which we were able to provide.

Our brilliant Client Services team ensured that the process was as seamless as possible, ensuring Covance were engaged at every stage, and with excellent results. Through our service, Covance received an increased number of quality candidates and were able to make their hires with no hassle.

What They Said

“The service has been spot-on since day one. From the postings themselves, to the updates & reports on them, through to the invoicing etc, everything has been really seamless and the Hiring Wizard team are really easy to work with. Thank you for the great partnership!”