Reasons to use Hiring Wizard for your next job posting

We offer flat-fee bespoke recruitment solutions that deliver the highest quality candidates but at a fraction of the cost of using a traditional recruitment agency. And unlike many other flat-fee recruiters, we undertake branded advertising which delivers up to 43% better responses than unbranded adverts. We also advertise each vacancy across all of the top job boards – not just one or two like many of our competitors, ensuring your advert is seen by the entire job-seeking market.

Take a look at our Case Studies to find out why our clients recommend us.

Recruit Multiple Candidates

Recruit multiple candidates for each vacancy for a set fee – from as little as £299 per vacancy!

Experienced Account Managers

Our team of talent attraction experts will help filter responses and save you time.

Intuitive CV Filtering

Ensuring you only spend time on reviewing the best quality candidates for your vacancy.

Great Discounts

We offer great discounts if you’re looking to recruit for more than one role.

Free Application Tracking System

Ensuring an easy and user-friendly process for managing candidates.

Hiring Wizard vs Other Options

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